How to Lose Your First 10lbs

Are you ready to learn how you can lose weight sustainably in just 5 days?

I will teach you:

How to ditch the diets so you can reach your goals while eating your favourite foods

How to find your unique macro targets that will allow you to achieve long-term results

The three pillars of my signature Macro-to-Mindful Method that I've successfully implemented with all of my clients

Pillar 1: Mindset
Reframing your perspective on fat loss and dieting.
Pillar 2: Macros
Understanding the best way to fuel your body and support your goals.
Pillar 3: Movement
Honouring your body by prioritizing physical activity and making it enjoyable to increase consistency.

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    Kairah James

    Body Confidence Coach

    BHSc, CPT

    Who am I?

    Hey! I'm Kairah, and I help women feel confident in their body and teach them how to lose fat sustainably without restrictive dieting.

    What you'll learn?

    This 5-day mini course will help you lose your first 10lbs and provide you with the tools you need to continue to make progress towards your fitness goals.